The Boy/Girl 1 to 6 National Championships finals, which have been run over the past month, finished this weekend in Dublin.

12 mayo boxers were crowned Irish Champions at the National Stadium since last month.


Girl 2 37kg Zoe Howley (Swinford BC)


Girl 2 53kg Darcie Taylor (Ballyhaunis)

Girl 6/Junior2 50kg Carlagh Peake (Ballyhaunis BC)


Boy 2 52kg Michael Mullaney (Claremorris BC)


Girl 3 61kg Grace Bailey (Castlebar BC)

Boy 6/Junior2 80kg Dale Neary (Castlebar BC)


Girl 5/Junior1 43kg Keely Stevens (Charlestown BC)


Girl 5/Junior1 54kg Kelsey Langan (Ballina BC)


Boy 6/Junior2 75kg Padraig Corduff (St. Anne's BC)

Boy 6/Junior2 95kg Rory Lyons (St. Anne's BC)


Girl 6/Junior2 70kg Nell McLoughlin (Eagle BC)


Girl 6/Junior2 87kg Kirsten Moyles (Ardnaree BC)


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