Since 2019, the cost of running the Mayo senior football team has almost halfed – according to the Mayo News.

It cost €644,078 to prepare the senior football team for the 2022 season, comparing that to the €1,240,699 cost of the same team in 2019.

The 2022 figure shows a decrease of €92,285 on the 2021 expenditure.

The Mayo News has noted, however, that exact costs are hard to measure over the past number of years as a number of expenses were presented under different headings in previous years.

For instance, ‘Team Administration Expenses’ were shown in a different format in this year’s report in comparison to last year’s.

Nevertheless, there are drastic changes to the cost of running the senior football team.

‘Team Management Expenses’ came to €47,516 in 2022, while ‘Backroom Team Personnel’ spends added up to €148,819.

Up to September of this year, €228,909 was spent on the senior hurling team, an increase of €70,000 on last year.

The total cost on the U20, U17 and development squads for 2022 amounted to €210,519.


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