Ladies Gaelic footballers are about to get travelling expenses for the first time from their own association.

It is understood to be a unique, temporary measure, specifically designed to lessen the additional financial burden on them caused by the Covid-19 restrictions.

According to the Irish Independent, the LGFA has informed its county boards of the historic development and the offer is for 50 cent per mile travelling expenses and will cover games in the qualifying stages of the TG4 All-Ireland Championships.

It is not clear yet if the scheme will be extended to the knock-out stages.

It is believed that the money for it will come from the grant that, in the absence of any gate receipts, the government has given to all four GAA organisations to help them keep this year’s championships on track.

Just last week Dublin’s three in-a-row ladies football manager Mick Bohan highlighted the fact that female Gaelic players get no travelling expenses, compared to their male counterparts.

He stressed that inequality had been increased even further because teams cannot use buses to transport squads to matches or challenge games right now.

Under the Covid-related return to play rules, GAA players have to travel alone in their cars.

That has increased the costs for female Gaelic players who, according to their union, are already personally shelling out an average of €55 a-week on travelling expenses.