Former Mayo senior football manager John Maughan is calling on the GAA to "pull the curtain down" on this year's championship.

The Offaly manager says we need some level of certainty now, but he can't see that playing games can be considered safe in 2020.

While the GAA's management committee is still discussing the rollout plan announced by the Government last Friday evening, John Maughan suggests they look at the bigger picture.

Speaking to the Irish Times, the Offaly manager said we're heading in the right direction, and containing the spread of Covid-19 reasonably well, but he would not advocate a return to play for any intercounty player, and wouldn't like to see anyone jeopardise a family member by coming back to play football.

He has echoed the words of Connacht GAA president Gerry McGovern who said "we will not die for a game of football, but we could cause death by playing it".

John Maughan says Mr McGovern is right - with the hundreds of dressing room environments that would open up, all it would take is one person to cause a bad case or even a fatality.

Maughan says that while some counties already have a potential return date in the back of their minds, thinking about maybe playing in October, but he said Offaly is not doing that, because he can't see anything happening at intercounty level in 2020, and he can't see why they would chance it with clubs either.

He's hoping for certainty on the matter, sooner rather than later.





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