One of the GAA’s best known doctors has said that he fears there will be no sport played in Ireland this year.

The Irish Daily Mail is reporting that Legendary Cork medic Dr Con Murphy has warned fans against misinterpreting Government directives that permitted gatherings of less than 5,000 people as a green light for the resumption of some level of activity in the months ahead.

‘We are dealing with the unknown. This is all new to everyone and even though those medical people who are leading this are doing a great job, I can’t imagine they will free up sport in the next few months.

Croke Park chiefs informed county boards via remote meeting on Tuesday that they needed to be in a constant state of readiness for the resumption of the Championship, with knock-out structures an option in the event a condensed fixture window. This has raised expectations that club action could resume as early as July.

However, the GAA remains in the dark as to how much leeway it will be afforded in the months ahead, and Murphy believes that there is unlikely to be a sufficient lifting of restrictions in the short term to allow playing activity to resume at any level.


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