At an Ard Chomhairle meeting of the GAA in Croke Park this morning the following decisions were taken across a range of issues. 


Experimental Football Playing Rules 

The proposals relating to the restricted use of the hand-pass, the sideline kick, the introduction of the ‘sin bin’ and the advanced mark were all sanctioned by the meeting.  

An amended version of the kick-out proposal was also passed that will see all kick-outs take place from the 20m line without having to pass the 45m line. 

The experimental period will cover the pre-season competitions run by the provincial councils and the Allianz Football Leagues. 


Second-Tier Football Championship 

There was broad support for the introduction of a second-tier football championship and it was agreed to discuss possible formats at the January meeting of Ard Chomhairle to allow a motion to proceed to Congress in February.


Roscommon Motion 

A Roscommon motion with regard to a ‘blank canvas’ approach to fixture making was defeated. 

The GAA President invited them to submit their own proposals with regard to fixture making for consideration. The GAA will conduct its own review of fixtures starting early next summer.

A representative of the CPA will be invited to take part in the process. 


GAA Master Fixture Plan 


The following CCCC proposals relating to the Master Fixture Plan were all were passed. 


Allianz Hurling Leagues

Proposal 1; Allianz Hurling Leagues in 2019 to be run on the same basis as in 2018. From 2020 onwards, Allianz Hurling League Division 1 to be structured as follows:


Division 1 – Group A                                       Division 1 – Group B

1st Placed team 2019 Div 1a                          2nd placed team 2019 Div 1a

4th Placed team 2019 Div 1a                         3rd placed team 2019 Div 1a

Winner of Div 1a relegation play-off             Loser of Div 1a relegation play off

2nd placed team 2019 Div 1b                         1st Placed team 2019 Div 1b

3rd placed team 2019 Div 1b                         4th placed team 2019 Div 1b

Promoted Div 2a team                                   5th placed team 2019 Div 1b

  • Groups to run on a two year cycle (2020, 2021)
  • To be redrawn for 2022 and every two years thereafter based on formula above (“5th placed team Div 1b” to change to “Relegation final winners” for this purpose).
  • Relegation from 2020 onwards to be after Relegation Play-Off between bottom placed team in Group A and Group B.
  • Winner of Div 2a final is promoted annually to replace relegated team
  • 1st placed team in each group to advance directly to Allianz Hurling League Semi Final
  • 2nd and 3rd placed teams from each group to meet in “crossover” quarter finals (2nd 1a v 3rd 1b and 3rd 1a v 2nd 1b)


Hurling Championships

Proposal 2: Central Council to sponsor a motion to Congress seeking that Joe Mc Donagh Cup Final be Winner on the day


Proposal 3: That Central Council sponsor a motion to Congress making the All Ireland Hurling Preliminary Quarter Finals “Winner on the day”


All Ireland Senior Football Championship

Proposal 4: Central Council consider granting deviation from Rule 6.28 for the 2018 Championship to allow for Phase 1 games to be home venues for the provincial champions, with Phase 2 games being in Croke Park.


Proposal 5: For 2019, C.C.C.C recommends to Central Council that in accordance with Riail 6.28 the groupings for the 2019 Quarter Final Group stages should be as follows:

Group 1; Munster Winners, Ulster Winners, Leinster Runners-Up (or Rd 4 Winner), Connacht Runners-Up (or Rd 4 Winner)

Group 2: Leinster Winners, Connacht Winners, Munster Runners-Up (or Rd 4 Winner), Ulster Runners-Up (or Rd 4 winner)


U20 Football Championship

Proposal 6: Central Council to consider introducing the new U20 proposal as a one year experiment, with its scheduling and place in the calendar to be reviewed in Sept 2019


Proposal 7: Central Council to consider motion to Congress to allow players to be eligible for U20 once their Senior team has exited the All-Ireland Championship. 


Minor Championships

Proposal 8: Minor Finals and Semi-Finals should remain in Croke Park in 2019 ahead of an evidence based recommendation from the Games Development Work Group on the matter


Finish on the Day Recommendations

Proposal 9: Central Council to facilitate motion to Congress to tidy up issues around Winner on the Day


Proposal 10: That instead of Free Pucks/Free Kicks, Central Council give permission to C.C.C.C to develop “Winner on the Day” proposals for the 2019 Season based around penalty pucks/penalty kicks instead of Frees.



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