A formal hearing of the Labour Court will take place this afternoon, which will lead to a recommendation to resolve the pay row between pilots and management at Aer Lingus.

So far, nearly 400 flights have been cancelled while members of the Irish Airline Pilots Association conducts a work-to-rule action.

This intervention by the Labour Court came following marathon talks between them and the two disputing parties on Monday.

IALPA had been looking for a nearly 24 percent pay rise, but have since said they'd be willing to move on that understood to be around 21 percent.

However Aer Lingus says extra flexibility and productivity would be sought in exchange for increases above 12.25 percent which is the rise it has paid to other workers in the airline.

IALPA says Aer Lingus was unwilling to move on that demand following the 8 hour talks on Monday.

Both sides had until close of business to make submissions for the hearing, which will be heard this lunchtime.

The Labour Court will then retire to consider the submissions and issue a recommendation, expected to be by the end of this week.


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