New car registrations are down 50% in June of this year in comparison to last year.

The Society of the Irish Motor Industry has released their official 241 new vehicle registration stats for last month, showing that 1,499 new cars were registered.

That’s a 50% decrease when compared to June 2023’s figure of 2,990.

However, when comparing the registrations this year to date, the figure is up 1.7% year on year, from 77,602 to 78,942.

Looking at the figures locally for the first half of the year, Mayo has seen a decrease of 3.4% when compared to the January-June period last year (1,336 down to 1,291).

Galway too has seen a decrease although not as great when compared to that of Mayo, going down 1.76% from 3,071 to 3,017.

The greatest decrease across the country was seen in Waterford where the figure was over 15% less than the first half of 2023.

In terms of Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon, all counties saw an increase in sales.

Sligo’s has jumped by nearly 9% up to over 750 sales, while Roscommon has sold three more cars, and Leitrim over 9% more.

Interestingly, Leitrim and Sligo saw the greatest increases in this period nationwide.


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