A woman from Ballycastle in county Mayo is battling to secure a Labour seat in Thursday’s UK General election.

39 year old Claire Tighe  could  be the first Labour MP elected for the Surrey constituency of Spelthorne since 1945.

According to today’s Irish Times, the Mayo woman who works as an adviser to UK Labour leader Keir Starmer is in a knife-edge battle to take the formerly rock solid Tory Westminster seat previously held by Kwasi Kwarteng, the former UK chancellor whose 2022 budget under Liz Truss almost toppled the British economy.

 “We can do this,” Ms Tighe said at the weekend, as her family flew in from Ireland for the final push. “Things that seem out of reach aren’t always. It’s the Mayo supporter in me: it is like the last few minutes on the pitch in an All-Ireland match. This is what we live for.”

Ironically, she could be aided in what once seemed an unlikely bid for Westminster by a Sligo native running in Spelthorne for Nigel Farage’s Reform UK Party. Rory O’Brien, whose family relocated to Britain when he was a baby, has split the right-wing vote, leaving a narrow path open for Ms Tighe to potentially nip in ahead of the Tory candidate.


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