A five year old from County Galway who was allegedly attacked as a toddler by a golden retriever has settled her High Court action for €115,000.

Mia Kate Nolan, of Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, was 19 months old when the alleged incident took place on April 14  2020.

According to this morning’s Irish Times, she was walking near to her home with her mother when the dog came from behind and clamped his jaws on the child’s head.

‘The dog then proceeded to knock her over and shook her, it was claimed.’

‘Her case alleged the dog kept her on the ground face down as her mother kicked and hit it to make it release its grip.’

Mia was brought to Portiuncla Hospital and later transferred to a Dublin hospital where she received surgery to repair multiple scalp lacerations.

She spent five days in hospital and was left with scarring which eventually matured.

Mia sued the dog’s owners as a result of the incident, with the settlement of €115,000 approved by Ms Justice Nuala Jackson.


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