Coillte has carried out works to remove and prevent the spread of an invasive species in order to protect the biodiversity of Tourmakeady Wood.

Rhododendron ponticum, a fast-growing shrub was growing within Tourmakeady Wood, which without action could threaten the long-term overall biodiversity of the woodland.

The wood has been recognised by Coillte as an area vital for biodiversity preservation.  To protect the area and its wildlife, Coillte’s team of ecologists put a management plan in place to address the spread of Rhododendron. This invasive species spreads quickly through Irish forests, casting deep shade on the forest floor which in turn prevents the regeneration of trees, wild plants and woodland flowers.  A large amount of Rhododendron has now been removed from the wood and this will greatly improve the woodland habitat for wildlife and wild plants and its overall biodiversity into the future.

These works at Tourmakeady are being carried out as part of Coillte’s wider new forestry strategic vision which aims to balance and deliver the multiple benefits of its forests for climate, nature, wood and people.

Tourmakeady Wood is situated between the Partry mountains and Lough Mask and is managed by Coillte as a forest for wildlife and nature conservation and also for recreation.  Located in the heart of Tourmakeady village, the wood is easily accessible with a spacious new car park and well-posted family-friendly walking routes. The most popular walking trail, The Nature Walk, allows visitors to reconnect with nature and enjoy magnificent views of the waterfall.

Tourmakeady Wood has a mixture of broadleaf and conifer forest habitat as well as semi-natural woodlands.  The wood is home for wildlife such as the Irish red squirrel, badger, deer and birds such as the dipper and the kingfisher which can be seen along the river walk. 


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