The recount in the Boyle Local Electoral Area is now complete.

With three seats left to fill, it looks like two will go to Sean Moylan FF (1,577 votes) and Tom Crosby IND (1,254 votes).

The final seat is between three candidates, with the bottom remaining candidate Dympna Daly Finn FG calling for a recount on 991 votes.

She was just three votes behind party colleague Liam Callaghan who is on 994.

Ahead of both is Independent Ireland’s Paul Forde on 1,051.

The recount has not yielded any material changes despite the narrow margin between the two FG candidates.

As a result, Dympna Daly Finn has been eliminated.

Her votes will now be redistributed, with the opportunity for Callaghan to capitalize and claim the final seat.


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