Following a long day of recounting, Returning Officer John Condon has made an announcement on the Swinford Local Election.

John Sheahan SF had called a recount as he was due to miss out on a place on Mayo County Council by a singly vote (1,636).

Just ahead of him, Neil Cruise FG gathered 1,637 votes.

Here is how the Swinford LEA stood going for the recount, with three seats available:

Adrian Forkan FF - 1668

John Caulfield FF - 1641

Neil Cruise FG - 1637

John Sheahan SF - 1636

Gerry Murray SF was re-elected prior to the recount.

John Condon called in all candidates concerned and detailed the result of the recount to them.

Having examined all papers, he said that there is still one vote between Sheahan and Cruise.

Following this, a second recount has been called and will commence at 8:45pm. 



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