The recount of votes in the Boyle Local Electoral Area is continuing slowly, but surely, this evening.

There were three candidates elected yesterday in Boyle:

Valerie Byrne IND – on the 3rd count

Leah Cull SF – on the 5th count

Micheál Frain IND – on the 7th count

Following the distribution of Leah Cull’s surplus votes, Sean Moylan FF and Tom Crosby IND were placed in a good position for election to take the fourth and fifth seats respectively:

Sean Moylan has 1,557 votes, and Crosby holds 1,254 with the quota at 1,628.

This leaves just one seat, between three candidates:

Paul Forde II – 1,042 votes

Liam Callaghan FG – 994 votes

Dympna Daly Finn FG – 991 votes

Following Cull’s distribution and the 8th count, Dympna Daly Finn called for a recount.

With her just behind her FG colleague Liam Callaghan, there is the high likelihood that one of them will be eliminated leaving it as a straight shoot-out with Independent Ireland’s Paul Forde.

The votes from the eliminated FG candidate would be expected to carry heavily to the other party candidate, which would eliminate Forde.

Hence, with just three votes between Callaghan and Daly Finn this is fair grounds for a recount.

We’ll have more details on the Boyle recount in the coming hours.


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