The National Women’s Council (NWC) today welcomed the women elected as Councillors in the Local Elections but is very disappointed about the missed opportunity to break the critical barrier of 40% for women’s representation in Local Government.

NWC called on all political parties to commit to the introduction of a 40% gender quota for local election candidates in their party manifestos. 

Rachel Coyle, Head of Campaigns and Mobilisation, NWC says we saw more women running in the local elections than ever before and has congratulated all of the successful women candidates.

However, she says, it is very disappointing that in 2024, we still have not broken the critical mark of at least 40 % women’s representation at local level.

With the vast majority of results now available, it is clear that women will only make up around 26 % of Councillors which is the same percentage as the percentage of outgoing women Councillors.


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