Airlines are to face higher fines for not ensuring people arriving into the State have valid documentation.

It's one of a number of proposals being brought to Cabinet this morning.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee will bring a review into airline fines to government, and propose that the maximum penalty be increased from three thousand euro to five thousand in cases where carriers have been found to not uphold their obligations in

ensuring passengers don't have appropriate documentation.

The memo will also see the Department of Justice and the Garda National Immigration Bureau draw up relevant guidelines with the aim of supporting carriers in the implementation of checks to be carried out.

If approved, it's aimed the changes to section 2 of the Immigration Act would be passed before the Dail's Summer recess.

Environment Minister Eamon Ryan will also look for approval of the State's second National Adaptation Framework, which will set out the potential implications of climate change and outline how every sector will have to adapt.

Enterprise Minister Peter Burke will present the Digital Services Levy Bill to colleagues, which would have to be passed by the Summer if the Competitions watchdog and Coimisuin na Meain are to have revenue raising measures from the industry.

While Housing Minister Darragh O'Brien will look for approval of the Local Authority Purchase and Renovation Loan


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