Ireland will formally recognise Palestine as an independent state today, with the Palestinian flag set to be raised over Leinster House.

The move has been denounced as a "reward for terrorism" by Israel.

The recognition by Ireland comes as an Israeli airstrike in the southern Gaza city of Rafah - killed at least 45 people .

Israeli officials say the strike was against Hamas commanders.

Israel's ambassador to Ireland who was recalled to Israel following the governments decision warned Ireland's plan to recognise a Palestinian state sends the wrong message about Ireland as a tech hub and is worrying Israeli investors in the Irish IT services sector.

Speaking in Jerusalem, Dana Erlich said she hoped to return to Ireland but said she saw Ireland's government as siding with Palestinians against Israel.

The Taoiseach said we needed to see a two-state solution, a solution that recognises the state of Israel and the state of Palestine.

Simon Harris added that efforts to keep the prospect of a two-state solution �alive� would be �a huge challenge� saying Ireland must be on the right side of history.

(pic Simon Harris TD Facebook)


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