512 patients are being treated on trolleys, chairs or in other inappropriate bed spaces today.

INMO Director of Professional Services, Tony Fitzpatrick says the number of patients who have been admitted to hospital without a bed this week has been out of control, with over 500 people being admitted each day. This type of overcrowding is not normal for the month of May.

He insists that this level of overcrowding warrants a serious response from the HSE and individual hospital groups and cannot be allowed to continue into the summer. “All vacant nursing and midwifery posts must be filled immediately by lifting the recruitment moratorium.”

In this region there are 29 patients on trolleys today waiting for admission to Sligo University Hospital, 20 patients on trolleys waiting for beds at Galway University Hospital, 13 patients on trolleys at Portiuncula University Hospital and two patients on trolleys waiting for admission to Mayo University Hospital.

 The highest number of patients on trolleys today nationally is University Hospital Limerick  - with 111 patients waiting for admission.



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