The Department of Integration has confirmed that a number of apartments located in River walk in Castlerea have been earmarked for International protection applicants.

That's according to correspondence received by Deputy Claire Kerrane from the department, posted on her social media pages.

They say IPAS have been engaging with the provider of the property and discussions are at an advanced stage.

They continue by saying it's anticipated that the property can be brought into use in the near future to provide accommodation to IP applicants and that no IPAs have been moved into the property.

The news comes as a peaceful protest has been planned for this coming Sunday in Castlerea in response to speculation over international protection applicants being housed in an area in the county Roscommon town.

The post reiterates the peaceful nature that is intended with this campaign and protest, saying that those involved only want the very best for their town.

This peaceful protest will meet Sunday at 1:00pm at the Lidl supermarket.


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