The Justice Minister is to seek Cabinet approval this morning for emergency legislation so the UK can be designated as a safe country to return asylum seekers to.

It follows a judgement from the High Court last month that it's current designation was unlawful.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee intends that returns to the UK will recommence once the law is enacted.

It came about due to presentations from the North to the Republic of international protection applicants seeking asylum here.

The British Prime Minister said yesterday there wasn't a deal to be done, but the Irish government insists this will replace current agreements ruled unlawful by the High Court last month.

Helen McEntee will also update ministerial colleagues on engagements around the steps to prevent abuses of the Common Travel Area.

Meanwhile the Tanaiste Micheal Martin will also look for Cabinet approval to draft a bill to change the Triple Lock for overseas deployment of the Defence Forces.

The changes would see troops sent overseas by a national decision-making process, while removing the veto power of the UN Security Council but proposes to remain consistent with the UN Charter.

If approved, the Tanaiste intends to have a General Scheme of the Bill by June.


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