Concern is growing over the delay in diagnosing people with HIV in the West of Ireland.

According to this morning’s Irish Independent, a study has found a growing number are at an advanced stage of the illness by the time they are diagnosed.

These findings are being presented this weekend to the ESCMID Global Congress, taking place in Barcelona, following a study which was lead by Dr. Ellen Walsh (Galway infectious disease consultant).

The study is calling for routine HIV screening in all hospital admissions in the west, as well as improved access to healthcare for migrant populations.

While HIV diagnoses numbers are highest in the east, HIV infection at diagnosis are greatest outside of that region.

Looking at cases over the past 10 years in University Hospital Galway (from January 2013 to November 2023), the study shows that 69 patients were included with 49 of them presented since 2018, and about 50 of the patients being men.

More information on the study is available in today’s Irish Independent.


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