Clarification has been sought by Mayo county councillors on the sale and progress to date, of a company, that secured a lease and an offer to buy-out a section of the former Volex building in Castlebar, in 2020. The building was in the ownership of Mayo County Council.

The issue was raised by Fine Gael councillors Peter Flynn and Donna Sheridan at the monthly meeting of Mayo County Council, as it was announced that a separate company has recently bought, on the open market, the second section of the same building.

Councillors welcomed the latest purchase, but questioned council management about the success and value of the earlier agreement that Mayo County Council made with a developer.

Councillor Sheridan questioned if the 30 jobs promised at the time had been delivered, indicating that she has not witnessed any activity at the location.

The Chief Executive of Mayo County Council Kevin Kelly told councillors in response that the company is active at the location, and said the development is ongoing.

Nonetheless, speaking to Midwest Radio’s Alannah Nolan, Councillor Sheridan says a report on the matter has been sought and needs to be delivered by next month, and welcomed the latest investment in the former Volex building....


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