The North Mayo Pyrite Group is holding a public meeting on Monday the 15th of April 2024, in the Great National Hotel Ballina at 7pm.

The meeting is for those impacted by defective concrete products.

Martina Hegarty from the North Mayo Pyrite Group says that following their homeowner centred public meeting on the 26th of March, they have collated all priority issues around the defective concrete block scheme and shared these in advance with local elected representatives.

They have now invited all local public representatives to attend on the 15th  including TD’s, MEPs, and councillors.

They  will be asking them to confirm their commitment for the thousands of individuals directly and indirectly impacted in the county.

“Two failed schemes is a failure too far. This needs to be resolved now.

Since 2013, the issue of cracking in concrete blocks had become a topic of conversation across the whole of our county. More families are coming forward in desperation”.

Barbara Clinton, whose home is on the verge of being demolished in the next two weeks, added “It was heartbreaking to see the faces of all of those impacted on the 26th pleading for help including pensioners and those caring for the vulnerable in our community. We need action”.

Julie Tracey, a resident of an estate in Ballina impacted by pyrite stated “We have a responsibility to our county to deliver for our county. Boundary walls in our estates are a major health and safety issue and we dread a wall falling and injuring one of our children. They play there every day, and my heart stops every time I see a child near a wall”.

The meeting on the 26th revealed that the current scheme is failing at both local and national level. One staff member is currently assigned to administer the approx. 400 applications received to date while the Housing Agency has created a bottle neck of failure to deliver timely results.




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