The North Mayo Pyrite Group are inviting homeowners & asset owners who are impacted by Defective Concrete Blocks to an open meeting, in the Merry Monk, Killala road, Ballina next Tuesday 26th March at 7pm.

Over the last number of years, Homeowners have engaged with the government on two separate schemes, neither of which have resulted in an effective solution for homeowners to fully remediate their home. 

Martina Hegarty from the North Mayo Pyrite Group says they have entered countless working groups, a mechanism to elongate the traumatic suffering on each and every family member impacted. 

She says there was a commitment by the Government to review the scheme six months after the launch.

We are three months past that date and no review has taken place.

Homeowners are experiencing significant issues with the scheme and parameters surrounding the scheme.

This lunchtime Martina has been outlining the current problems facing pyrite homeowners along with Gemma McLoughlin whose semi-detached house in Ballina is in the process of being rebuilt.

However, they are facing huge extra costs.

Both Martina and Gemma have been speaking to Midwest Radio's Michael D. McAndrew.



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