The Irish Catholic Bishops have expressed concern over the wording of next month's referendums on 'Family' and Care' in the constitution.

In a statement being read out at masses across the country today, they say the proposed amendment on 'family' is likely to reduce the incentive for young people to marry - and the 'care' amendment would leave the social contribution made by mothers in the home 'unacknowledged'.

Those campaigning for a 'Yes, Yes' vote next month, claim the new wording recognises the contribution 'carers' make to society, while giving equality to children born outside marriage.

According to the latest Red C poll in today's Business Post, three in five voters intend to vote 'yes' in the upcoming referendum on women and carers.

On March 8th, voters will be asked if the reference in the Constitution to a mother's duties in the home should be replaced with a new article recognising the role of family carers.

Meanwhile, slightly fewer, at 58 per cent, are indicating that they intend to vote 'yes' in the other referendum, which aims to widen the definition of the family.


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