Illegal drugs have increased dramatically in value in County Galway last year, according to the Irish Times.

One Councillor described the availability of cocaine as “as quick as you’d get a pizza.”

An increase of 1,400% in value coincided with the total seizure of €3.17 million worth of illegal drugs in rural towns and villages in Galway in 2023.

In comparison, the figure the previous year was just under €100,000.

The surge in numbers is understood to be driven by cocaine, with an estimated €750,000 lifted last year.

In comparison, €140,00 worth of cocaine was seized in the county in 2022.

The increase has been described by Chief Supt for Galway Gerard Roache as “extraordinary”, with more Garda resources being deployed to try and deal with the issue.

Headford based Fine Gael Councillor Andrew Reddington has called for drug prevention programmes to be rolled out in primary schools as he says young children in Galway have been offered drugs on social media.

“Cocaine in my area”, he said, “you’d get it as quick as you’d get a pizza.

“I know where you get it, and so do the young people.”


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