A security guard has avoided prison in Galway, after taking part in a staged car ‘accident’ that resulted in five ambulances being called to the scene.

42 year old Algerian native Aleksander Qatja, with a n address of Ashbrook, Oranmore, County Galway, was given a two year suspended sentence and ordered to pay compensation of €5,000 for his involvement.

He was one of seven people who were involved in the staged two car collision on April 8 2014, at Baile an Chóiste on the Headford Road.

During the incident, Mr. Qatja was driving with his then wife in the passenger seat of an Audi A4, when they were rear ended by a Citroen Saxo with four people inside.

Both parties claimed not to know each other.

On further investigation, it was discovered that Mr. Qatra’s wife had paid €200 worth of an insurance policy deposit just 12 days before the collision.

Five ambulances and three fire engines attended the scene and all individuals involved in the collision were cut from their cars and taken to hospital.

It was also noted that there was  no paint transferred between the vehicles, with no damage done to the Audi and extensive damage to the Citroen.

All parties involved subsequently claimed compensation against the Axa insurance policy of the Citroen driver.

Mr Qatja, who works as a security guard in a pub in the city centre, pleaded guilty to attempting to cause a loss to Axa Insurance by deception.


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