More than half of Dubliners say they're visiting the city centre less, or not at all amid concern over their safety.

It's among the findings in a new poll which also found that more than 80 per cent of people would be unwilling to visit.

Of the one thousand people surveyed, 55% of people said they'd visit Dublin city centre more if there was more of a Garda presence and 60% agreed it would take a long time to feel safe again in the capital.

In total, 56% of Dubliners and 40% of people nationally say they've either cut back on visits to the city or have cut out their visits completely, due to concerns over safety and crime

82% of those who've become to reluctant to visit, say they've have stopped shopping in the city and 62% say they've stopped eating out.

However the Amárach Research Poll for the Irish Daily Mail did find half of Dubliners are still proud to call Dublin Ireland's capital, despite everything.



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