Seven projects from three schools in Mayo have qualified for the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition for 2024.

Mount St Michael Secondary School in Claremorris sees four projects receive qualification.

Their team project is titled ‘BREATHE: Nurturing Adolescent Mental Wellness – A Tech Solution to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Among Teens.’

They will also enter three individual projects :

Enhancing Inhaler Technique Proficiency and Adherence in Pediatric Asthma Patients through Machine Learning-Based Intervention: A Comprehensive Study of Misuse Patterns and Technological Solutions.

Revolutionizing human flight: The Pursuit of Human Wings with reengineered ornithopter.

 Safety in Your Hands: A mobile application integrating location-based equipment discovery and comprehensive first aid education to enhance overall emergency response outcomes.

Sancta Maria College will have two group projects in the exhibition:

Cliseadh Miotal Trom: Cereal Contamination Under the Microscope.

SOS (Shut Out Strangers) – A workshop delivered to targets by targets themselves.

St Josephs Secondary School in Charlestown will also present at the event next year with their individual project:

Volatile Organic Compounds and their impact on our everyday lives.

Across the region there are also an amazing 29 inclusion from Galway schools, 13 different entries from Roscommon schools, and five from Sligo.

The full list can be viewed online on


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