A Ballinrobe councillor  says he has received a huge response to a plan he has proposed to get traffic moving in Ballinrobe town.

Fine Gael councillor Michael Burke is proposing to make 'a big roundabout' of the town.

He has put his suggestion out to the public on his social media sites to get feedback from the public and says all opinions are welcome.

With the delivery of a town by-pass for Ballinrobe a long way down the road, Councillor Burke is asking that Mayo County Council would trial his proposal to try and ease congestion.

Setting out the current situation in the town and his proposal for traffic flow, he explained: “I am fully supportive of a by-pass for Ballinrobe. It is the best solution that will ease congestion.

“Unfortunately, no matter how many times myself and other county councillors raise it, a by-pass for Ballinrobe is nowhere close to being constructed.

“I will keep the by-pass as a priority for Ballinrobe by pressuring our local TDs, Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Mayo County Council and all relevant authorities.

“A number of years ago traffic lights were proposed for the town which I supported but I believe the traffic problem is now far worse than when the traffic lights were proposed. Due to this worsening traffic chaos, I would ask Mayo County Council and the gardaí to trial my proposal below.

“I’m not saying it will be an overnight success but I believe it’s time for something to be done. People living in and travelling through Ballinrobe should not have to put up with this any longer.”

He continued: “I have come up with a proposal that has never been tried before in town. I believe it will get Ballinrobe moving.

“It would effectively make a big roundabout of our town. The current places where traffic gets stopped would be kept moving in my plan.

“This is only a proposal and is open to change. I will be calling on Mayo County Council with the cooperation of the gardaí and local county councillors to consider trialling this plan.

“This will mean a change of route for people but I believe if implemented and utilised properly the traffic will flow much better overall for everyone.”


  1. Glebe Street/New Street junction: Traffic coming from Glebe Street, Castlebar side, would have the right of way. The Convent Road side would yield. New Street would be a one way system all the way down to Cornmarket.
  2. From Centra to Kilmaine Road junction the road will have two lanes. Left lane for Kilmaine Road, right lane to bring you to Neale Road, Main Street, etc. Traffic from Kilmaine Road would yield to the traffic turning right from New Street. Kilmaine Road traffic would have no right turn on to New Street. Straight on only.
  3. Neale road junction: Traffic approaching from Neale Road can go across to the Parish Centre car park and left only.
  4. Ulster Bank corner would remain as it is with the re-painting of the yellow box for more effectiveness.
  5. Church Lane to New Street is right turn only.
  6. New Street/Cornaroya junction: Left turn only coming on to New Street.

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