MEP Luke Flanagan claims the EU Petitions Committee’s visit to view Mica damage in Donegal this week has happened because distraught householders plights was initially ignored by the Irish government

The Castlerea based MEP says he read and listened with astonishment to the comments of Fine Gael MEP Colm Markey when he stated yesterday that it’s “quite significant” that politicians from Europe are coming to Ireland and that “The EU is listening”. MEP Flanagan insists the reason members of the EU Petitions Committee are here in the first place is because the people affected were not listened to and are still not being listened to by his government.

MEP Flanagan says that is why he, with colleagues from the Left Group in the European Parliament, organised the Irish visit, having suggested to the campaigners in the first place that they should petition the European Parliament’s committee.

For three days now MEPs have met with a number of families affected by defective mica blocks.

MEP Flanagan has been telling Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley why he believes  it’s ironic to hear Fine Gael MEP Markey saying “The EU is listening”, considering Fine Gael in government didn’t hear the householders impacted by the defective blocks…




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