The installation of defibrillators across all community pitches in Galway city and county is a necessary life saving measure, according to Galway City Councillor Niall McNelis.

The Labour councillor has called on both local authorities to install the devices in key community locations, including local authority housing estates.

A new report shows that almost one-third of heart attack victims who received defibrillation from members of the public last year, survived.

Councillor  McNelis says new technology means that a disposable defibrillator can be bought for approximately 300 euro and the new devices are being manufactured in Galway.

He says an allocation of funding for life saving defibrillators needs to be included in the City Council’s upcoming 2024 budget.

Councillor McNelis has been telling Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley why defibrillators now need to be provided at all community pitches, generally owned by the local authorities….







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