Herdwatch, the leading farm software company in Ireland and the UK, is aiming to help manage almost 310k acres of farmland in Mayo over the next 5 years with the release of a new field focused service. 

Grass & Crops enables farmers to maintain digital field records, help with grass planting and crop management.

Herdwatch project that by 2028, the service will be used on 309,718 acres across the 11,920 farms based in Mayo. Nationally the service is expected to cover approximately 5 million acres over the same period and 10 million worldwide. 

The new service was awarded the Enterprise Ireland Farm Software Award at the recent National Ploughing Championships.

Over 20,000 farms in Ireland and the UK currently use Herdwatch, making it the largest farm software provider in these markets. An Irish success story, it was co-founded by Fabien Peyaud and FRS Network in 2014.  

Mervyn Harvey has been giving more details to Midwest Radio’s Michael D. McAndrew.


The new service is available through the Herdwatch app which can be downloaded in the App Store or at www.herdwatch.com.


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