The installation of a sheltered area for the start / finish of Ballina’s Park Run at Belleek Woods, is a major goal for the voluntary group, established nine years ago.

The Ballina 5k Park Run regularly has in excess of 100 runners/walkers on any Saturday morning.

The group is seeking permission from Ballina Municipal District to have a shelter erected at the start/finish line to keep volunteers/stewards out of extreme weather conditions, as they stand more than an hour to ensure all participants safely complete the route.

Last week at Ballina Municipal District Meeting, Independent councillor Mark Duffy highlighted their case, however, the response from council management was less than enthusiastic. The development was deemed as “not necessary”, in light of other sporting facilities in close proximity, that could be utilised instead.

Councillor Duffy explained that in adverse weather conditions it would be reasonable to have a sheltered area at the start of the chipped 5km run and he insisted that the delivery of such a basic facility should not be a big deal, considering that the organisers were not seeking funding for the development, they are only seeking permission to erect a sheltered area in harmony with the local environment.

It was eventually agreed that a council official would meet a member of the committee to discuss the matter in more detail. That meeting occurred last Friday.

Ann Egan is the Event Director for the Ballina Park Run and is also the Ambassador for Park Runs in Mayo. She says the campaign to secure a shelter continues and has been telling Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley more about Ballina Park Run and the outcome of Friday’s meeting…




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