There is no need for a pause in the long awaited county speed limit review, according to Westport councillor Peter Flynn.

The councillor is among a number of councillors who simply refuse to accept the position of Mayo council management  - that all speed limit reviews are “paused”, as the government announced a national review of speed limits last month due to the rising number of road fatalities.

Fine Gael councillor Peter Flynn says that the county speed limit review was due in 2021, and was pushed out to 2023 and now appears to be long fingered again out into next year.

He says a number of speed limit reductions are urgently required in the West Mayo Municipal District area and the changes cannot wait, and as a result West Mayo councillors have called on the Head of Roads with Mayo county Council to address the next monthly meeting of the District and explain why such reductions are not being imposed immediately.

The councillor has been speaking to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley…




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