Enoch Burke has been taken back to prison after refusing to purge his contempt.

He has been behind bars for almost a month now, after continuing to show up at his former school in defiance of a court order.

Enoch Burke was dismissed from Wilson's Hospital School for gross misconduct.

The decision was taken on foot of his behaviour at the school after being told of a transitioning student's desire to be referred to by a new name.

Despite a court order refraining him from attending at the school while the disciplinary process ran its course, Enoch continued to show up. 

As a result, he spent 108 days in prison last year for breach of court order.

On the 8th of September, he was sent back to Mountjoy again, for refusing to stay away from the school.

And today, he declined the opportunity to purge his contempt, which would have led to his release.

Before the handcuffs were put back on, his parents, Martina and Sean, and sister, Ammi, were all removed from the courtroom by gardai.

His case will be reviewed again in December.


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