The community of Lahardane is protesting since this morning outside the now empty GP premises in the village, over the loss of their GP since yesterday, Oct 1st, and insist they will continue to remain protesting until the position is restored.

On Saturday last, an emergency meeting was called by the community over the loss of their local GP, and it was attended by local deputies and councillors.

It was revealed at that meeting by local campaigner Gerry Loftus,  that the GMS – medical card registration number, had been removed by the HSE from the Lahardane GP practice,  and has been relocated/ assigned to a two-GP practice in Crossmolina.

Mr Loftus claims that a GP has been located by the community who wishes to take over the Lahardane practice, but now that’s not possible unless the GMS number is restored.

Gerry spoke to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley this morning outside the large community protest in the village and explained why , if a GP has been located, he /she is not in place...


Those gathered explained their anxiety about the loss of their local GP and why there are going to protest until the service is restored...

Midwest News this morning sought clarification from the HSE over the alleged removal of the GMS registration number from the Lahardane GP practice and how it can be restored... The HSE response – doesn’t directly address the question asked..., but rather reads...

"The GP position in Lahardane was advertised on two occasions without success. No enquiry was received from any GP regarding the position.

Ahead of the departure of the current GP on October 1st, 2023, discussions took place with the GP in Lahardane and the retiring GP in Crossmolina, regarding the options available for maintaining a GP service for the people of Lahardane.

The outcome of those discussions was that a service will be provided to the people of Crossmolina and Lahardane from a two-doctor GP practice in Crossmolina.

This was made possible as the retiring GP in Crossmolina agreed to work in a private capacity with the new GP, which would afford him time to recruit another GP through the General Medical Services Scheme.

From October 1st, GP services for the people of Lahardane will be provided from Crossmolina. Patient files will remain with their existing GP, but will be transferred from Lahardane to Crossmolina, as there will not be a GP practice in Lahardane after that date."

Local Fine Gael deputy Alan Dillon was among those in attendance at Saturday's emergency meeting and he has been trying since to facilitate a meeting between the community and the HSE later this week, offering to chair the meeting (no time or venue yet confirmed) , between both sides....


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