Over €750,000 worth of drugs has been seized by Gardaí in Mayo this year, according to figures released at last Friday’s Joint Policing Committee meeting.

The sum of €761,000 has been collected in the first eight months of the year, with a majority of €548,000 coming in the form of cannabis.

Cocaine accounted for €209,000, while ecstasy seizures accounted for €720.

More than €17,000 in cash was seized as part of various operations in relation to drugs.

The current figure of possession cases has decreased in comparison to this time last year, going from 79 to 51.

Incidents of the sale and supply of drugs is at a very similar rate to this time last year, just up one to 23.

Since the start of 2022, over 700 drugs search operations have been conducted by Gardaí in Mayo.

107 drug related incidents are being investigated as part of Operation Tara.


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