Following the successful campaign led by a young Achill woman, Catherine Gallagher, in 2021, new regulations were signed into law (Catherine’s Law)  that ensure that scholarship awards for PhD students are excluded from the means test for Disability Allowance.

Catherine was awarded a scholarship to pursue a doctorate for Dublin City University (DCU) after coming first in her masters course. However, after contacting the Department of Social Protection, she learned that she would lose her disability allowance and associated travel and medical card allowances if she accepted the €16,000 stipend as part of her university scholarship.

 “Catherine’s Law” means that impediment no longer exists.

The determined Catherine has this week, secured a coveted Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship, funded by the Irish Research Council and continues to highlight the needs of people with disabilities.

Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley congratulated Catherine this lunchtime on her latest achievement….



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