Despite a long awaited increase in the salary limit for people applying for local authority housing ,the limit remains too low.

That's the strong view of Westport councillor Christy Hyland.

 The Independent councillor had been raising the need to increase the limit for many years, but argues the present  situation where a household comprising of a couple and one child cannot apply for social housing if their income is in excess of 32,250 euro is simply unrealistic.

It means, he says, that both adults  cannot work full time, if they want to seek social housing and he says that's wrong when we are in an economy where there is almost full employment, and workers are needed.

Councillor Hyland says the increase of 5,0000 euro  in the salary limit secured at the start of this year, is completely inadequate . He has been speaking  to Midwest News Editor Teresa O'Malley....



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