Ireland West Airport have become the first airport in Ireland to become members of the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.

The Sunflower was first introduced in London’s Gatwick Airport in 2016, and since then is now recognised in over 220 international airports around the world.

It lets passengers discreetly indicate that they may need support, understanding or a little extra time whilst navigating the airport, check in or security screening, or when boarding the aircraft. 

Passengers with non-visible disabilities who choose to display the Sunflower will be provided with a free Sunflower Lanyard at the Customer Assistance Desk inside the Airport Terminal.

By providing Sunflower Lanyards to passengers, Ireland West Airport aims to make the airport experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible for those with hidden disabilities.

All airport staff have received training to recognise the Sunflower and provide support and assistance to those wearing it.


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