Children with disabilities are being forced to stay in hospitals, residential centres and special schools because there aren't supports to care for them at home.

A report from the Ombudsman for Children's Office shows children are being left in emergency departments, schools and respite centres by desperate parents.

The Nowhere to Turn report highlights the plight of some children, and how the failure by the State is impacting their right to grow up within their families.

The children can in some cases remain in what the report describes as inappropriate setting for weeks, sometimes months due to the failure by the HSE to ensure an adequate range of placement options if they cannot return home.

The report highlighted the case of one teenager who has a mild intellectual disability and ASD, who had to live in a respite centre for nine months, after her parents struggled for years to access the right services to help them safely take care of her at home.

The Ombudsman for Children, Dr Niall Muldoon, said parents are at their wits end trying to access adequate supports and services for their children.




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