Some young people who are suicidal have been waiting up to 50 days to be seen by mental health professionals, despite seeking help.

New reports published by the Mental Health Commission found 'issues of concern' at Child and Adult Mental Health Services across 17 counties,

Care in the community healthcare areas were examined between April 2022 and July of this year, and the Commission made 49 recommendations.

The service provided by the Galway-Roscommon CAMHS team for those with intellectual disability is at risk of collapse due to staff burnout.

It said the location of one team in what was a Victorian asylum is inappropriate and was potentially frightening for young people.

Limited or no access to services for children with autism.

The reports also found in the Cork-Kerry area children presenting with suicidal tendencies were not dealt with for a considerable time, and some care is being carried out online with Consultants in Qatar.


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