A Gaeltacht community on the Galway Mayo border has come up with an interesting initiative in a bid to save their Gaelscoil from closing.

The local people in An Chloch Bhreach are offering a house rent free for a year to a family willing to relocate with children of primary school age, in an attempt to boost pupil numbers.

According to RTÉ reports this morning, the initiative is looking to have paid off thus far, with more than 1,100 families applying for the competition.

In recent years the Gaeltacht village has seen its shop and post office close, and the community are striving to keep their school open.

It is located between Loch Measc and Loch Coirib in the heart of the Joyce Country.

There are just 11 pupils at the moment and they need at least 12 to hold on to a teacher and stay open in the long term.

Among the applications for the house there are families currently situated right across the country as well as France, Portugal, England and Wales among others.

One lucky family will be chosen by the end of this month.


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