School transport services need to be provided where the demand is, that’s according to Galway East Independent deputy Sean Canney.

He raised the matter in the Dáil last week, urging the Minister to ensure that the fiasco that occurred last year will not be repeated this September.

Many students with concessionary school bus tickets, who had always paid for their tickets, were left stranded at the start of the last academic year, after the government announced last summer that it was providing free school transport for a year, in  an effort to assist with rising inflation cost on families.

The problem was that demand far exceeded places, resulting in many parents being forced to take to the roads and drive their children to school daily, while many who secured bus tickets opted not to use them.

Deputy Canney has called on the Minister to ensure better organization of the school transport system, as payment for school bus tickets must be made before this coming Friday (June 9).

Deputy Canney told Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley that he hopes last year’s fiasco will not be repeated:


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