A rare shark has been spotted off the west coast of Ireland.

Scientists have described the sighting as hugely significant, as reported by RTÉ this morning.

Video footage of an angel shark was recorded by a team of kayakers at Galway Bay Sailing Club on Sunday evening.

A number of teenagers were having their regular lessons at the facility, which is near to Renville, with instructor Colin O’Loan and one of his colleagues.

While the group were in shallow water, the critically endangered angel shark swam among them.

Scientists at the Marine Institute confirmed that it was a mature angel shark, which thrives in shallow waters in sandy bays.

Maurice Clarke of the Marine Institute said the images were some of the clearest ever filmed of this species.

This species of shark, which is also known locally as monkfish, ranks as the second most threatened family of elasmobranches in the world (sharks, skates and rays).

(photo credit: RTÉ)


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