Longer jail terms are to be brought in for people who assault members of An Garda Síochána.

The proposed changes will also apply to the ramming of garda vehicles.


Proposals being brought to Cabinet by Justice Minister Simon Harris would increase the maximum jail term for assaulting or abstructing a garda from seven to 12 years.

The measure would also apply to other emergency service staff - including hospital staff, prison workers, members of the Defence Forces, fire brigade or ambulance staff.

The extension of the penalty for assault causing harm will be part of the Criminal Justice Bill currently making its way through the Oireachtas.

Minister Harris will also bring a measure to Cabinet to again extend the licence for alcohol to be sold outdoors.

The measure was brought in during Covid and will be extended until November until longer term legislation is looked at.

Enterprise Minister Simon Coveney will ask Cabinet to approve extending the business fuel supports scheme to companies which use Kerosene, while also bringing a memo to provide more secure contract terms for seasonal workers in Ireland.



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