The High Court has ruled that Enoch Burke's suspension from Wilson's Hospital School was lawful.

It has also ordered him to pay 15-thousand euro in damages for trespassing at his former school.


After being held in contempt on the first day of this High Court hearing back in March, Enoch was told to leave the courtroom.

By refusing to purge his contempt, he wasn't allowed back in.

In his absence, Mr Justice Alex Owens heard evidence of Enoch's behaviour after his principal sent out an email in relation to a student's wish to transition.

He heard allegations of Enoch "exploding" at a staff meeting and disrupting a celebratory mass at the school with students present.

The Board of Management later decided to suspend him, on full pay, and it sought a declaration from the High Court that its decision to do so was above board.

In his judgement this evening, Mr Justice Owens has fully vindicated the school's decision.

He also awarded € 15,000 in damages against Enoch for trespass at the school, and on top of that, he said he was of the view that Enoch should pick up their legal bill.



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