RTE presenter and Galway native, Maura Derrane has shared a health scare on social media that has left her on medication and in intense pain.

The Today Show host claims she noticed a red mark on her ankle on Tuesday morning last,  before the mark "literally blew up" the following day.

The mark continued to expand leaving a painful-looking bruise, centred around the bite mark, however, she continued to present the show.

It’s believed the mark is the result of a spider or insect bite with her doctor immediately prescribing an anti-biotic as soon as she saw the development of what was initially a small puncture wound.

Maura shared images of the swelling and bruising that arose in the wake of the bite.

The post reads "This is my leg five days after getting, what the Doctor thinks is an insect bite. I now think it may be a spider bite. I noticed a red mark last Tuesday morning but thought little of it. By the time I went to work on Wednesday, my leg had literally blown up. Thankfully Dr. Doireann O'Leary took a look at it, and put me on an antibiotic immediately."

"But even with the antibiotic, the wound is still really sore and painful, and as you can see it’s not very attractive!! I just want to warn everyone out there not to ignore an insect bite as it can become really serious very quickly, especially a spider bite."


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