Mayo University Hospital (MUH) is celebrating International Day of the Nurse today (Friday 12 May) and recognising the contribution of our nursing mentors in supporting new colleagues.


78 overseas nurses and midwives took up roles in MUH since the beginning of last year where they were supported with an adaptation and preceptorship programme.


The Saolta Preceptor Recognition Awards is an initiative to publicly acknowledge and thank the nurses who made such a huge impact on our new recruits.


Preceptorship is the term given to a structured, supported period of learning where experienced nurses take on the role of mentoring newly appointed nurses and helping them to adapt to their new positions. Since 2022 over 550 new overseas nurses and midwives joined the Saolta group and benefited from an adaptation and preceptorship programme.


In MUH, nurse Chelsea Bourke was recently honoured with a preceptorship award at the hospital. Chelsea is a staff nurse in D Ward, she was nominated for the award by her preceptee Shyona Shelly.


Shyona said: “I nominated Chelsea for this award because she provided me with the perfect blend of education, supervision and support. With Chelsea’s support I felt empowered to step outside of my comfort zone and was able to grow in my work with patients. I had an amazing role model and she is the type of care provider I aspire to be.”

Paul Hooton, Chief Director of Nursing and Midwifery said; “On International Day of the Nurse I want to personally take this opportunity to thank all our nurses and student nurses across the Saolta group for everything you do to help others each and every day. I am incredibly proud of all our nurses and what the Preceptor Recognition Awards has proven is that we are a diverse community of talented, caring professionals who lift up our colleagues and help each other thrive. Congratulations to Chelsea for being selected for this award and thank you for the support and mentoring you have provided to our international nurses in Mayo University Hospital.  


Padraig O’Luanaigh, Director of Nursing at MUH added: ”We know that adjusting to a new country, a new workplace and a new clinical environment can be challenging and it is crucial to have the right supports in place to help our new colleagues adapt. Mentorship is a great way to accelerate performance and productivity. Not just that, mentorship comes with the benefits of gaining different perspectives, improving self-confidence and increasing job satisfaction. On behalf of everyone in MUH I want to congratulate Chelsea for being such an outstanding role model, she embodies the values of leadership and compassion. I’m very proud of all our mentors and our new nursing colleagues who have engaged wholeheartedly with the programme.”


Chelsea was presented with a voucher, a certificate and their award by Saolta Chief Director of Nursing and Midwifery at recent awards ceremony.


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